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यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस्

Yams and sweet potatoes sales soar in Pokhara as Maghe Sankranti approaches

Avatar Suraj Hazare Dahal
Jan 13, 2020

Pokhara, Jan 13 (Suraj Hazare Dahal) : People in Pokhara are busy in purchasing yam and sweet potatoes, the tuberous root vegetables  that are eaten during the festival known as Maghe Sankranti. This festivals  falls every year on Magh 1 which is on  Wednesday.  Varieties of yams are available in the market from ghar tarul (home grown yam) to bann tarul (wild yam), Hatti paile, Simale, Laahure and Jaate which are brought to lakecity from nearby villages and bordering districts.

According to business woman Sita Kuikel, wild yams are supplied to her by the farmer of Lamjung and Tanahu.  Varieties of yams are available in the market that costs between  RS 100-Rs 400 per kg. The most expensive variety of yam is wild yam which is being sold at RS 400 per kg.  Yam can be processed into flour or can be fried, boiled for the consumption. It has dark brown or tan skin with yellow or white flesh.

Meanwhile two varieties of sweet potatoes are available in market; white and red sweet potato. Red sweet potato is tastier and sweeter than the white one but is 10 rupees dearer than the whit. The red one costs RS 100 per kilo in the retail market. Yams are great source of fiber, potassium, copper and antioxidants while sweet potato provides sugar, carbohydrate and fibre to body.