Wild bamboo shoot sales soar  as ACAP opened forest

Avatar Suraj Hazare Dahal
Jul 27, 2019

Sales of wild bamboo shoot, locally known as ‘Tusa’ has increased after ACAP opened the forest for it’s collection . The price of Tusa per bunch has dropped by RS 70. Earlier the street vendors used to sell it at RS 150 but now it’s available at RS 80. According to the ranger, Sudha Parajuli Dhungana of ACAP, some forest inside the ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area project) will be open between July 22- Septeber 1, for the collection of wild shoots. The collection of wild bamboo shoot is illegal for rest of the year. Anyone who involves in  it’s illegal collection shall be punished with a fine equivalent to double the price of Tusa or an imprisonment of one year . The tax slapped on the per stick of Tusa is 10 paisa.

Tusa has thin lean stems which is cooked usually with potato. Very few people cook tusa along with chicken as a combo curry. A street vendor, Lila Gurung (in photo) said that the price of tusa will go more down in next week as forest has been opened for a month. Along with Tusa, one can see wild asparagus and wild ferns in the market. Malunga tusa is said to be as tastiest among the species of Tusa. The party who gets tender are the one who supplies these wild vegetables in Pokhara. They are brought from northern part of Bhurjung khola, Tatopani and Machhapuchhre village. The season of bamboo starts from Mid May till October but the price is expensive in starting as it is illegal to collect in first two months. Tusa is also a food of black bear and rare red panda.

Tusa are eaten while they are young as they are tender. When they grow bigger, it’s cane is used to make baskets and dokos. Tusa and bamboo are different species. Bamboo is taller and thicker but Tusa is thinner and shorter. Tusa are rich in vitamin C and   iron which are essential  for cellular respiration and red blood cell formation.


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