Viral fever patients on the rise

Avatar Reporter
Aug 15, 2019

The number of viral fever and typhoid patients has increased off late at the Damauli hospital. The onset of summer season has led to a rush of patients, especially children, elderly and expecting mothers at the hospital. The hospital used to receive between 75 to 100 such patients in a day but now the number has doubled, according to Chief of the hospital, Dr Sunil Poudel.

Almost 200 people suffering from viral fever, typhoid, diarrhea and respiratory problems are coming for treatment. According to Dr Poudel, almost 40 per cent of the patients are found suffering from water-borne diseases. Dr Poudel suggests people to wash to drink boiled water, wash their hands properly with soap and water, avoid eating stale food, and use mask to protect from dust and smoke, and take sufficient rest to ward off the seasonal diseases. —

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