Utilize Your Lockdown Time

Sali Dewan
Aug 27, 2020


The worldwide-faced unprecedented test COVID-19 resulting in the pandemic of coronavirus has compelled most of the people, worldwide to stay inside homes. This might be challenging to cope with the context especially when it comes to spending time. Here are some tips to still remain productive and occupied in this situation of lockdown.

These tips not only aid to be occupied but also to change lives in a positive aspect if followed accordingly. Hence, the tips are listed as:

1. Manage sleep-wake pattern:
The first and foremost thing is your sleep-wake pattern if you really want to utilize your time and become productive and smart. An unplanned sleep-wake pattern can always make the timing uncertain and affect the daily routine. Also, if slept in an unmanaged pattern of time, it affects the whole day activity. Thus, managing to sleep and waking up time is very crucial especially in the current lockdown situation.

An unplanned sleep-wake pattern can always make the timing uncertain and affect the daily routine.

2. Set up a routine:
Well, this covers the previous tip but it’s separated due to its grave importance. A routine is something that tends to follow a set of activities in time frames and helps to be more organized. What can be done for example is: after waking up, a set of warm-ups to freshen up by releasing the laziness of the body. Divide the whole day in chunks of time, like morning, day, evening, and night. Now plan your morning, starting from waking up and warm up, till lunch for instance makes a set of activities to be accomplished. Then comes the lazy time of the day, after lunch till afternoon followed by the evening when you can try refreshing yourself and finally night, before you sleep.

Image: Pixabay

3. Choose your activities:
When it comes to routine having nothing to do, it’s a blank sheet of paper where you have either only a few things or nothing in particular that can motivate you to do something. Since you have only a few things the act of procrastination occurs, tending you to do nothing. Henceforth, it really matters what kind of activities you have in your mindset that you will occupy yourselves with. This is the rational part: think about productive activities like learning new skills, reading, writing, improving English, developing six-pack abs, composing an impressive CV, make-up learning, anything like these that actually can make you proud after you accomplish them. Think about what you want to achieve.

4. Set activities into routine:


The smart works begins now, here you are planning to do what at which part of the day. This solely varies as per your interest and the way you feel easy and comfortable, where you simply assign the planned activities in your routine. To set an example, If you want to start working on your six-pack abs, either the morning or evening would be logical. Or if you want to improve your spoken English, then being exposed in English speaking world through different videos of watching movies could be planned and set in the day time of your routine where you utilize your time as well as you are doing something productive. Thus, it’s all about a proper plan to overcome the boredom created by the lockdown period.

5. De-stress Yourself:
Another challenging part is the state of mind, which is likely to make you feel stressed. Having lots of things and having nothing to do both are the causes of stress. Make sure you have planned just enough things to make yourself occupied. Apart from this, de-stressing ideas like physical exercise, yoga and meditation, online chitchats can be practiced.

6. Be motivated and determined:
Last but not the least, if you are looking forward to being productive and have a mindset to bring positive changes in your life, being motivated and determined is the key concern. The time has no problem to pass, it was, is and will keep on moving; it is you who need the change so is you to make it happen.
Set up goals, have a target and make a path then its simple to be focused and walk on the path, at least you are clear about your destination.

Although there are some restrictions like social distancing and movement but still it doesn’t refrain from virtual learning and upscaling productive skills. Think, plan and put it into action. Hope you feel better after reading this and you will try and utilize the time. Stay home & stay safe.

Sali Dewan is an IELTS  Instructor in Expert Education and Visa Services Pokhara.