Two days strike in Sikkim against verdict of SC describing them as Nepali immigrants Reporter
Feb 03, 2023

Sikkim: Two days general strike has been called in Sikkim to convey a message to the federal government over the foreigner remark against Sikkimese Nepali community in a recent judgement of Indian Supreme Court.

There is widespread protest among the Nepali speaking community after the Indian Supreme Court referred them as people of foreign origin  from Nepal in its verdict of January 31 over a case filed by the Association of Old Settlers of Sikkim.

It is to be noted that Sikkim was merged to India in 1975 by Indira Gandhi government via referendum. If people of Sikkim are now foreigners as per the Supreme court’s verdict  then automatically the legality of referendum raises doubts.

Until 1975, Sikkim was separate nation and it was merged to India after abolishing monarchy via referendum.

Meanwhile, Sikkim Health Manikumar Sharma has resigned from the cabinet, blaming that Sikkim government is not serious in the matter. Now the agitation has been led by five termed former Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling.