Trishuli Corridor could be alternative of Prithvi Highway Reporter
Aug 07, 2022

Pokhara: Narrow roads, excessive traffic and damage caused by landslides during monsoons have created problem for people in Prithvi highway .

The condition of the road connecting the federal capital Kathmandu is even worse. The roads that were built in the past are now crowded due to heavy traffic flow.  This situation would not have happened if the main road had been an alternative.

The National Planning Commission held a comprehensive discussion with the chief ministers of Gandaki and Bagmati about the possibility of constructing an alternative road (corridor) along the Trishuli coast. The condition of Trishuli Corridor transport infrastructure was discussed for 2 days in Kurintar of Chitwan in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure, Road Department, Local Road Infrastructure Department, Heads and Presidents of the Municipalities touched by the road network.

As the road narrows and the traffic increases, the traffic jams become more frequent. There is a situation where you have to get stuck in a traffic jam for hours to reach Kathmandu. The Prithviraj highway passes through the south of Trishuli. This has greatly increased the economic activity in the area. But the southern part of the same Trishuli is devoid of activity. For this reason, interest has been started about the potential of the Trishuli corridor.

The Chief Minister of Bagmati Province, Rajendra Pandey emphasized that the work of the corridor should be accelerated in order to create a situation to reach the capital without any obstacles and to uplift those who are economically backward due to the lack of roads. He said, “When I was the district chairman of Dhading, a member of the House of Representatives, and a member of the Constituent Assembly, I raised my voice about alternative roads. Tracks have been opened in most places, and I have also taken the initiative to build a bridge for crossing.”

He expressed the commitment that the respective municipalities will take the lead in opening the track and for expansion, and that the state and federal governments will take initiatives for upgrading and improving.

He said that this discussion is very important in the planning commission’s priority as the state government of Bagmati and Gandaki should show interest for the construction of Trishuli Corridor.

Starting from Chandragiri in Kathmandu, the Trishuli Corridor covers Dhunibeshi Municipality, Thakre, Galchi, Gajuri, Siddhalek Rural Municipality, Benighat Municipality of Dhading. According to the National Planning Commission, this corridor will cover Gandaki and Sahid Lakhan Rural Municipality of Gorkha, Ichchakamana Rural Municipality of Chitwan and Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality, Ambukhaireni Rural Municipality of Tanahun and Gaindakot Municipality of Nawalpur. The road department will study how long this road will be and how much it will cost.