Tourism promotion: 15 days holiday, one month salary to govt employees in Gandaki

Avatar Reporter
Mar 07, 2021

Prakash Dhakal, Pokhara, March 7 :  Gandaki Province gives paid leave to the government employees to ‘refresh’ them. Employees of the province government, which has taken the policy of making Gandaki a tourism hub, get a 15-day leave once a year and a month’s salary.

Procedure has already been prepared for this. It is mentioned in the working procedure that travel leave will be given for 5 to 15 days. They get one month’s salary according to the salary scale according to the level of the employee.

In the last fiscal year, 161 employees working in the province government and subordinate offices went out with full facilities.

According to statistics, 40 people from the Chief Minister’s Office, 9 from the Ministry of Social Development, 9 from the Account Control Office, 15 from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning and 15 from the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development have visited the various places.

Similarly, 19 from the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, 15 from the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives, 17 from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, 10 from the Provincial Assembly Secretariat and 3 from the Provincial Policy and Planning Commission spent money in various homestays last year.

We have to go to at least two homestay villages in the state. Before that, the leave should be sanctioned, ‘said Jhalakram Subedi, spokesperson of the Chief Minister’s Office.

Most of the employees have reached Nawalpur. They spent the night in 73 different homestays in the state. “There is a provision to go to one homestay that has already been developed and another to a newly opened and unrecognized homestay,” said Subedi.

“The money is provided on the basis of completion.” The government has stated that 308 homestays have been promoted. According to the Chief Minister’s Office, Rs. 60 lakhs was released on the holiday topic for the staff.