Tourism entrepreneurs worried due to delay in snowfall Reporter
Feb 07, 2023

File Photo: RSS

Taplejung: Lack of timely snowfall and rain in Pathibhara region is having a direct and indirect impact on the ecosystem.

According to the statistics of Pathibhara Area Development Committee, 20,000 religious tourists reach Pathibhara in a single day. Similarly, Kanchenjunga Himal is the second and third highest mountain in the world. Tourism is the main source of income for the communities living in the Kanchenjunga region.

Office Secretary of Kanchenjunga Conservation and Management Council, Manakumar Limbu said that the problem has started due to lack of timely snowfall and rain in the Pathibhara area. Tourists come to the mountains to observe and enjoy the snow-capped mountains.

Tourism businessman Serap Sherpa said that he is worried that if the mountain becomes like a black rock, tourists will not come to see them.