Teenage girl trafficked to India for ‘sacrifice’ rescued

eAdarsha.com Reporter
Feb 03, 2023

Kathmandu: A sixteen-year-old Nepali girl who was trafficked to India reportedly for ‘human sacrifice’ has been rescued.

The girl wa rescued from a place called Mangalbazaar Galli of New Delhi, India at the initiative of the Human Trafficking Investigation Bureau.

She is under the protection of a civil society organization after the rescue. Organizing a press conference here today, the Bureau shared the information about the rescue.

“It came to light that she had a meeting with a tantric guru where she was promised to be paid large sum of money once the guru became happy.

Before being trafficked to India, her weight, height, spots, tattoo on the body and menstruation were reportedly screened”, Bureau Director, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Jeevan Kumar Shrestha said. He further shared her physical examination was undertaken twice, before and after being trafficked to India.

According to the police, the convicts shared they found the adolescent girl in course of searching for the one with 60-kg weight, at least 5.4 inch in height, no spots and tattoo on the body and non-menstruated status.