Technical team including 3 elephants deployed to control human-eater tigers Reporter
Jan 14, 2022

Nawalpur: A team has been deployed to monitor and control the human-eater tigers in Nawalpur (east of Bardaghat-Susta). The  Chitwan National Park has started monitoring and control of tigers after the increase in tiger attacks in Binai Triveni village of the district.

Information Officer of Chitwan National Park and Assistant Conservation Officer Ganesh Prasad Tiwari said that a team with three elephants has been mobilized from the park in Binai Triveni area.

A team of rangers, technicians and security personnel, including elephants, have been deployed to monitor the tigers, said Information Officer Tiwari.

“We have received information that tigers have attacked humans in the forest area, so we are monitoring the tigers that are attacking humans through camera trapping,” said Tiwari.

“Tigers are not creatures that live in the same place as we think, they are moving over a large area,” said Tiwari. Two people have been eaten by a tiger in the area around Dumkibas for a month and a half and one person was seriously injured in the attack a week ago. The tigers attacked the intermediate zone outside the park and the national forest area.

Two people were eaten  and another seriously injured in a tiger attack and locals have stopped going to the forest. The locals are terrified after the tigers went to the forest to graze their cattlea.

A week after the Binai Triveni Municipality sent a letter to the Chitwan National Park and District Forest Office requesting to control the tigers, the park has sent a team to control the tigers.