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Substandard pharmacies, health clinics shut in Birgunj

Dec 05, 2020

Representative photo: Pixabay

Birgunj, Dec.5: The Department of Drug Administration (DDA), Birgunj Office has shut down a half dozen of pharmacies and medical clinics where were found violating the operation standard.

As the office said, during the monitoring based in Bariyarpur market at the Gadhimai municipality in Bara, Primary Health Clinic, Govinda Health Clinic, Kusahawa Vet Pharma, Sapana Health Clinic, Tarun Vet Pharma and Thakur Surgical Medical Shop were shut and their owners are to face further action.

Office officiating chief Bhagya Narayan Singh said some of them were even selling the drugs banned in the country and some had date expired items on the sale. Non-registration is another illegal act of the pharmacies.

They have been asked not to open outlets until they completed the further required action.