Student unions up against recent rise of petro products, picketing NOC tomorrow Reporter
May 24, 2022

Kathmandu: A delegation of 15 students’ unions today called on Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies, Dilendra Prasad Badu, drawing the government attention towards the fresh rise of petroleum products. During the meeting, they handed a memorandum toward this end to the Minister.

They want the government to move back from its decision to increase the prices of petroleum products and cooking fuel (LPG) from May 22.

In response, the Minister said nothing could be said at the moment in regard with the matter and he would be discussing it with bodies concerned today itself, according to Scientific Socialist Students’ Union president Rajeshwori Subedi.

The students have demanded a government subsidy in cooking gas and kerosene as per the agreement reached between the Ministry and joint student union.

They have also urged the government to review a high taxation on petroleum products, identify sources for renewable energy and promote its use; and rescind a monopoly in the import and supplies of petroleum products, taking it to the open competition system.

They have also advised the government to take the matter of privatizing the Nepal Oil Corporation seriously.
The students’ unions have said they will be picketing the NOC office tomorrow protesting against the recent hike of petro products.

It may be noted that the NOD had revised the price of petrol with an increment of Rs 10 per liter beginning from May 14 and it again increased its price Rs 10 per liter on May 22 while the price of LP gas was hiked by Rs 200 per cylinder.

The Nepal Students Union, All Nepal National Free Students Union, All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary), Akhil Sixth and Socialist Union are among those joining the delegation.