Street protest for protection of constitution: Leader Yogesh Bhattarai

Jan 23, 2021

File photo: RSS

Kathmandu, Jan 23: Standing committee member of Nepal Communist Party Yogesh Bhattarai has said the aware people must be clear whether the dissolution of House of Representatives (HoR) is revolution or counterrevolution.

Leader Bhattarai belonging to Prachanda-Nepal faction of NCP said it during a programme organized to release a book ‘Marxist School’ written by Manahari Timilsina.

Leader Bhattarai praised the book that it would cater knowledge on communist school to the youths. The book launched at a time when the attitude to avoid knowledge on communist movement would garner further relevance, he believed.

He argued that HoR dissolution is sheer assault on constitution. Bhattarai reiterated, “HoR dissolution is counterrevolution in Nepali political history. It pushed the country and achievements backward.”

Leader Bhattarai reminded that most of the issues mentioned in manifesto of communist party are included in present constitution. “We’ve deep love to the constitution. So, we took to street to protect it,” he justified the protest.

On the occasion, deputy chief of party school department Devendra Poudel expressed worry over fading habit of reading books among political cadres. The book would be a good resource for anyone willing to know about Marxism, he observed, adding that it helps develop new perspective on the present changed context.

On a different note, leader Poudel said the NCP would be transformed to a new political party by correcting the mistakes made regarding party unity. “People have several demands including jobs and socialism, but we’ve not been able to harmonize the promises made before them and the practices we’re indulged on” he admitted.

He pointed out the need of taking ahead the socialist revolution in a new manner.

Similarly, coordinator of Nepal Intellectual Organization Dr Dinesh Chandra Devkota also praised the book is a good resource to know about Marxism.

The book penned by Manahari Timilsina was released jointly by standing committee members duo Bhattarai and Poudel at a programme in the federal capital on Saturday. It is published by Marxist Knowledge Centre.

It is believed that the book caters knowledge on Marxist philosophy, political economy and scientific socialism.