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Sports activities resume in Pokhara after 8 months

Nov 28, 2020

Photo: Sudarshan Ranjit

Pokhara, Nov.28: Sports activities including practice and training sessions at the Pokhara Stadium have resumed following a halt of almost eight months due to global COVID-19 pandemic.

The resumption of training sessions followed the direction by the government to resume sports activities at the Stadium from November 16, said the District Sports Development Committee.

Athletes and coaches have started visiting the Stadium for practice and training for sports like football, volleyball, badminton, basketball, cricket, tennis, boxing and karate, said the Committee’s Chief Prakash Baral.

“We reopened the Stadium for training and practice sessions shortly after Tihar festival following the direction by the government. Sports activities have taken place gradually due to the infection still taking its toll.

Twenty five percent practice sessions of all sports have taken place,” he said.

The Committee has urged all sports associations, athletes and coaches to follow health guidelines for the practice and training sessions. Likewise, fitness centers and futsal grounds in Pokhara have resumed.