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Snowfall paralyzed life in Karnali

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jan 17, 2020

Humla, Jan 17 : The Karnali region has witnessed snowfall again. It is the seventh times the Karnali region got the snowfall this year alone. With the snowfall and rains in the districts of the mountainous region in Karnali State as Humla, Dolpa, Jumla and Mugu, people are facing tough time to manage daily life.

Even the people at upper belt of Jajarkot, Rukum west and Kalikot are at the receiving end of adverse weather. The snowfall and rains brought severe cold. Assistant Chief District Officer in Humla, Dattaraj Hamal, informed that the adverse weather has badly affected the people. The people here are advised not to travel long and stay out of home. Even the mobile communication is disrupted here.

The teaching learning at various schools of Surkhet, Dailekh, Salyan and Rukum West are affected with the deepening cold. The Karnali Academy of Health Science, Jumla, and State Hospital, Surkhet, have suggested people to take special care of the children, senior citizens and those suffering asthma and pneumonia. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Forecasting Division Kathmandu has predicted heavy snowfall and rains in the upper hilly and mountainous districts of Karnali State for a week.