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Slap on syndicate: Lumbini Metro bus resumed service, Sajha & Mayur to operate from Thursday

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jul 12, 2020

Photo: From facebook of Prakash Pun.

Rupandehi, July 12: A public bus has resumed it’s service in Rupandehi after stopping for more than 100 days due to lockdown.

Though government has allowed intra-district buses to operate, the Federation of National Transport Entrepreneur Association has decided not to resume service.

There is syndicate in the transport sector that’s why the union has demanded government to fulfill their several conditions in the pandemic.

As more than 90 % buses are affiliated to the union, few buses will be plying on street.

Lumbini Metro AC bus started plying in the route of Goal Park of Butwal to Bhairawa with 50 percent passengers of the total capacity to maintain physical distance.

Thermal gun was used to measure the temperature of the passengers before allowing them inside the bus.

Lumbini Metro city Pvt.Ltd has 48 seater 8 buses.  From tomorrow buses are going to ply in route of Butwal-Bardaghat too.

Meanwhile Mayur bus pvt.ltd and Sajha bus are going to resume their services from the first of Shrawan on Thursday.