Siraha: Elephants destroyed 10 houses, entered village to drink alcohol and eat salt

Jan 22, 2021

Siraha, Jan 22:  Elephants have entered a local settlement in Bandipur, Garjana Municipality-2 of Siraha and destroyed houses and crops. Shiva Anjani Dahal, a local, informed the RSS that the elephants had destroyed the houses of the locals in the village for the past three or four days.

In the area, three or four elephants are entering the village every day, destroying houses and crops. According to Dahal, the elephants destroyed 10 houses and ate paddy.

The villagers are terrified after the elephants spread terror by hiding in the sugarcane fields during the day and entering the houses at night. It is said that the local administration is taking necessary initiative to prevent the damage caused by the elephant attack.

It is believed that the elephants may have attacked the village as they like salt and alcohol. As salt is the favorite food of elephants, the local administration has stated that the smell of the ingredients used to make  alcohol is attracting elephants.

The local government and police administration have issued an order not to store salt, not to spill alcohol and not to plant banana plants to prevent elephant terror.

The Division Forest Office, Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force (APF) are using fire crackers to chase elephants.