Schools to remain open in Kaski

Avatar Reporter
Apr 15, 2021

Bijay Nepal, Pokhara: The government has categorized 14 districts, including Kaski, on the list of those most affected by the corona infection but schools in Kaski will not be closed immediately.

Prem Prasad Sharma Subedi, president of the Private and Boarding Schools Organization Nepal (PABSON) Kaski, said that despite the government’s appeal, they are not ready to  close schools in Kaski and adopt alternative means of education.

He said, “We have already discussed the issue in a phased meeting convened by the Metropolitan Education Division, District Health and State Health Directorate.” Measures of health standards should be taken to avoid COVID-19.

There is no need to close the school and keep the students at home. As the government’s appeal has come, we will once again sit down and discuss it in depth and come to a conclusion.

Similarly, Hemant Adhikari, chairman of N-PABSON Kaski, said that it would be unfortunate if students do not come to school. He said, ‘Leaving students at home all day has a negative impact on their studies. No matter what happens, we need to create an environment where students can come to school. ‘

In Kaski, there are 102 schools under PABSON and 45 under N=PABSON. The total number of students in Kaski including Montessori up to class 12 is currently 125,000, said PABSON Kaski Chairman Sharma.

Meanwhile, Kaski CDO, Thaneshor Gautam has also said that school will not be closed immediately. He said, “As the government puts it at risk, Kaski needs to be more vigilant. Today (Thursday) we also held a meeting of DCCMC as per the pre-arranged schedule.

We have decided to increase the monitoring in the tourism sector including schools and hotel business and to conduct awareness program. We are not ready to close immediately.” He further said that to close school, they have to wait for the decision of the cabinet through CCMC. The first step is to follow health standards.