SC Verdict: Rabi Lamichhane’s citizenship illegal, MP post revoked, now stateless person Reporter
Jan 27, 2023

Kathmandu: Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane’s parliamentarian position has been revoked.

Ruling on the citizenship case, the constitutional bench of the Supreme Court made it clear that Rabi cannot remain an MP without citizenship. Thus Rabi is now a stateless person.

He was elected from Chitwan 2 in the House of Representatives election held on November 20. The constitutional bench ruled that Lamichhane’s candidacy was illegal as there is a legal system in which a candidate must be a Nepali citizen.

Rabi came to Nepal as an American citizen in 2014 and obtained a Nepali passport in 2015. He renounced his American citizenship in 2018 to avoid prosecution when it was revealed that he was working without a labor permit.

Then instead of going through the process of taking Nepalese citizenship, he registered a party using the revoked citizenship.

‘Ukera’ an online portal had published scoop news for the first time with the evidence that Rabi  Lamichhane was using revoked citizenship.

Photo: Via FB of Rabi Lamichhane