Rooftop farming in Pokhara: Saving up to Rs 80,000 annually

Avatar Reporter
Jan 22, 2021

Dhan Bdr. Gurung, Jan 22: Roof on the house of Gita Lamichhane of Pokhara -17 is full of vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, brinjal  garlic andcoriander.

A family of 6 people spends more than Rs 6000 a month on vegetables.  It has been two years since Lamichhane stopped buying vegetables from the market. Instead, she puts vegetables in the bags for the guests who come to her house. She says, “I used to grow vegetables on the roof even when I had a small house. Now, after building a bigger house, I have got bigger roof to grow more.”

The trend of growing vegetables on the roof has been increased in Pokhara as people can pick fresh seasonal vegetables whenever they want to cook it.

Om Kumari Gurung of Pokhara 1, Bagar also grows vegetables on the roof according to the season. Gurung says that the vegetables planted on the roof is enough for her family all year round. She says. “After growing vegetables on the roof, I get to eat organic vegetables, which also saves time.”

The Pokhara Metropolitan City has been encouraging those who do roof farming. But many people like  Om Kumari have not heard about the metropolitan plan. “I don’t know where the help will come from,” said Gurung. Lamichhane, on the other hand, knows that the municipality will help her, but she does not know where to go.

The Pokhara Metropolitan City, on the other hand, has stated that it will continue to include everyone in the roof farming program. Metropolitan Agriculture Branch Chief Manhar Kadaria says that this program has been running for three years. He informed that necessary materials will be provided for roof farming with 50 percent grant this year as well. “The metropolis has already allocated Rs 4 lakh for roof farming and sent it to the wards,” he said.

The metropolis has now formed agricultural network in all the wards. He said that information for roof farming can be obtained from the ward’s agriculture network. According to Kadaria, budget has been allocated for farming in 12 wards of the metropolitan urban area.

The program has been conducted in wards 1 to 4, 6-10, and wards 12, 14 and 17 of the metropolis. He  further said that they are planning to gradually cover other wards as well.

It is to be noted 1oo tones of vegetables is consumed everyday in the metropolis where as only 20 tones is produced locally.