PM Prachanda and Rabi Lamichhane meets Reporter
Jan 31, 2023

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Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and National Independent Party Chairman Rabi Lamichhane have discussed the issue of future Home Minister.

On Tuesday, Rabi reached the Prime Minister’s official residence, Baluwatar, and requested Prime Minister Prachanda to give his party the Home Ministry post.

Lamichhane, who was dismissed as a member of the House of Representatives, Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister last Friday after the citizenship certificate was found to be invalid, took the certificate of Nepali citizenship again from the district administration office in Kathmandu on Sunday.

After getting the citizenship certificate, Lamichhane, who was elected as the party chairman, has been lobbying within the ruling party with the demand that he should be made the home minister again.