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PM employment programme elates youths

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jun 24, 2019

Santa Bahadur Tamang, a local of Mandandeupur municipality-3, Nayagaun returned home empty-handed after serving Malaysia over 10 years there. He is now busy in surveying and repairing local roads in home town as per the municipality-stipulated standards.

He got remuneration-based job under the community project as part of the Prime Minister Employment Programme being implemented in the municipality. “We had to pull 50-kg sack and drag 300-kg drum in foreign countries, which was a very hard work”, he recounted his past, adding, “The current job in Nepal is comparatively very easy”. He called for the government to enable environment where one can work nearby home. Ram Bahadur Gurung, another local, said the employment campaign should be put in place to attract youth force to work. “Albeit the employment programme is attractive to engage unemployed people, it is necessary re-design employment packages focusing youths”.

Youths are eager to engage in any job within the country. Still they are confused whether to stay in the country or go abroad. So, some programmes should be designed to properly counsel the youths, he recommended. Likewise, Anu Shrestha iof Bethanchowk rural municipality-4, Parthali expressed happiness over their engagement in the building of own village. “I am happy to engage myself in income-generating tasks under the employment programme”, he added. Nilam Shrestha is not less happy to engage in the employment of promoting tourism of local area. He is now involved in constructing steps to touristic area Gumbudanda under the Prime Minister Employment Programme. The employment campaign is being rolled out in Panchkhal municipality, Bethanchowk rural municipality, Namobuddha municipality and Roshi rural municipality of the district. —