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People from 300 households fallen ill by seasonal flu in Bajura

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Mar 31, 2020

Bajura, March 31: People of more than 300 households have been ill with flu since few days in Khaptad rural village-3 in Bajura district. Each house at least has two to five members complaining about dizziness, common cold and fever, shared Ward Chair Deepak Rawat.

The other symptoms they have complained of are loss of appetite and fatigue, informed health worker Ganesh Rawat.

As most of the villagers have been taken ill, there were no additional persons to come to aid in contingency, said Rawat. Khaptad Rural Municipality Health Coordinator Nanda Bahadur Rawat said that there was nothing to be worried about since the symptoms reported were of seasonal flu rather than the coronavirus.