Parking prohibited in specified biz core area of Pokhara from February 6 Reporter
Jan 30, 2023
suraj pic newroad

Photo: Suraj Hazare Dahal/Eadarsha

Pokhara: Roadside parking will not be allowed  in business core area of Pokhara from February 6. The meeting held today  by the Traffic Management Committee of the metropolis has decided to prohibit parking in the main area.

In a notice issued by metropolis in Facebook, the prohibited road section from parking are: Mahenrapul- Chipledhunga-Newroad, Sabhagriha and Mahenrapul-Nayabazar- Prithvichowk section.

The notice further says “There is a traffic management problem due to excessive traffic on the specified road and it also affects the beauty of the city.” The metropolis has also warned to taken action against them who disobey the information.