Over 8,900 people affected by dengue virus in Sri Lanka so far this year

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Mar 06, 2019


COLOMBO, Over 8,900 people have been affected by the dengue virus across Sri Lanka so far this year, the Epidemiology Unit said here on Tuesday.

Till March 1, a total of 8,904 dengue cases were reported with the highest number of cases reported from the Colombo district with 2,017, followed by Jaffna in the north with 1,354 and Gampaha on the outskirts of the Colombo district with 1,093 cases.

Medical experts urged people to seek immediate medical attention if they suffered from high fever, uncontrolled vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness and reduced urinary.

“All fever patients need rest and should refrain from attending work or school,” epidemiologists said.
“Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) can be fatal,” epidemiologists added.

Last year, over 50 people died and over 48,000 affected by the dengue virus with the National Dengue Control Unit launching several programs to eradicate dengue’s breeding grounds in several districts of the island country.

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