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Over 200 cargo trucks carrying essential supplies entered Nepal

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Apr 06, 2020

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Birgunj, April 6: More than 200 cargo trucks carrying essential supplies such as food items and LPG gas have entered Nepal from India during the lockdown. Government has banned all vehicular and people’s movement since the enforcement of nationwide lockdown beginning March 24 to contain the outbreak of COVID-19 but the transportation of essential services and supplies has been permitted.

Secretary of the Ministry for Social Development in State No 2 Dr Ram Prasad Ghimire shared that 20 cargo trucks carrying vegetables and fruits, 70 tankers of petroleum products, LPG gas’s 53 trucks and other 17 trucks entered the country from integrated dry port at Birgunj.

Similarly, 14 trucks carrying refined oil and 3 containers have been recorded to have entered Nepal via Birgung check point while three trucks entered Nepal via Mahottari checkpoint. Lockdown has been strictly implemented all over the country.

Prior to the lockdown, the government decided to seal all its borders with India and China to prevent the possible risks of COVID-19. So far 135 vehicles violating the lockdown order have been impounded in the State No 2.