No-confidence motion registered against CM Shankar Pokhrel

Apr 19, 2021

Lumbini, April 19 : The Province Assembly members in Lumbini Province have registered the no-confidence proposal at the Parliament Secretariat against their Chief Minister Shankar Pokharel today.

A total of 41 Province Assembly members from CPN (Maoist Centre), major opposition party Nepali Congress (NC) and Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP) registered the proposal in accordance with the Article 188(4) of the Constitution of Nepal and Lumbini State Assembly Regulations-2074’s rule 144(1).

The three parties’ Province Assembly members have recommended CPN (Maoist Centre)’s Kul Prasad KC for the Chief Minister’s post as per the Article 188 (5).

The Province Assembly in the Lumbini State has 41 members representing CPN (UML), 19 from NC, 17 from CPN (Maoist Centre), 6 from JSP and one from the Rastriya Janamorcha.

The CPN (Maoist Centre) had taken action against two of its members for joining CPN (UML). The party now has 17 members in the Province Assembly. It takes 43 province assembly members to form the province government.

Meanwhile, Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Kul Prasad KC and Minister for Social Development Sudarshan Baral, both representing the CPN (Maoist Centre) in the government have tendered their resignation from their position from today.

Both of them have submitted their resignation letter to the CM Pokhrel, according to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat.