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NHRC asked Home Ministry to reply regarding the condition of Chakra Khatri

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
May 30, 2020

Kathmandu, May 30: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to forthwith stop arresting people frequently in an arbitrary manner against the order issued by the Supreme Court from time to time.

NHRC spokesman Bed Prasad Bhattarai, through a press release today, said the Commission’s attention was drawn to the frequent arbitrary arrest of Chakra Bahadur Khatri of Halesi Tuwachung municipality-2, Khotang.

Chakra is the district member of Biplav led Nepal Communist Party.

It has called attention of the government to respect and protect the human right of the person and to ensure the rule of law by immediately stopping arresting people in an arbitrary way against the orders issued from time to time by the Supreme Court.

The NHRC has also written to the Ministry of Home Affairs seeking its reply within 24 hours regarding creating confusion about Khatri’s whereabouts without informing his family about his condition, meting out offensive behavior against him and disregarding the orders issued by the Supreme Court from time to time.

It said Khatri was first arrested on April 14 and kept in the District Prison Khotang and it was found that he was arrested for the sixth time and taken to Siraha on May 29 via Khotang, Udayapur and Solukhumbu during the present lockdown situation, disregarding the Supreme Court’s orders.

NHRC also stated that such types of arbitrary arrests by the government, the local administration and police in a planned way were acts that are against the fundamental and constitutional rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Nepal as well as in contravention to the legal rights ensured by the Country Criminal Offences Code.