New order issued to contain spread of corona virus infection

Jan 16, 2022

Photo: RSS

Kathmandu: The government has issued an order for the control and prevention of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic along with the emergence of new omicron variant, Spokesperson of the government and Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki.

Through the order, the government has decided to impose a ban on all sorts of mass meetings, rallies and gatherings until February 12.

As per the order, the symposium, seminar, review meeting and related activities should be conducted virtually and only 25 persons can attend the events appearing with negative report of antigen test in case they are required to organise the programme in persons.

Likewise, only fully immunised people against COVID-19 can attend such events after January 21, the order stated.

Similarly, the film hall, dance bar, club, health club, gymnasium, swimming pool, hat-bazaar and other events that see the public gatherings would not be run until January 29.

Spokesperson Karki said the schools, universities, tuition centres and other academic activities would not be run in persons until January 29 while asking them to go for online.

However, the prescheduled examinations of schools, colleges and human resource recruitment, foreign language skill test for foreign employment and exams of medical education could be run by applying the public health protocol.

Likewise, there will be only regular Pooja, meditation and prayers in the religious sites by following the health precautions, reads the order.