NC stands atop securing victory in 196 local levels Reporter
May 18, 2022

Photo: RSS

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress (NC) has won so far in 196 local units of 753 under the local election held on May 13.

As per the result made public as of 12 noon today, NC has emerged victorious in 56 municipalities for mayor post and 140 rural municipalities for chairperson.

Similarly, NC has been leading in 60 municipalities and 29 rural municipalities as per the counting that is underway at present. Likewise, NC has also won in 48 deputy mayor post and 139 vice-chairperson posts.
CPN (UML) has won in 29 municipalities and 91 rural municipalities. CPN (UML), the major opposition party to the coalition government, is leading in 45 municipalities and 30 rural municipalities.

So far, UML candidates have been elected deputy mayor in 33 municipalities and vice-chairperson in 89 rural municipalities.

CPN (Maoist Center) candidates have won in total 85 local units- 11 municipalities and 74 rural municipalities.

The coalition party has been leading in 13 municipalities and 14 rural municipalities. So far, CPN (UML) has secured victory in 16 deputy mayor post and 77 vice-chairperson posts.

CPN (Unified Socialist) has won in two rural municipalities. One of the five-party coalition partners, CPN (Unified Socialist) is leading in 8 local unites in ongoing vote counting. So far, the party candidates have won in chairperson post in five rural municipalities. News via RSS