NC Gandaki demands the cancellation of increased tax Reporter
Aug 07, 2022

Pokhara: Nepali Congress Gandaki has demanded immediate cancellation of the tax increased by the state government.

Reminding that the Nepali Congress is a party that supports the suffering of the people, the Congress-led government has also demanded that the decisions made by the government in a way that causes suffering to the people should be canceled immediately.

Party spokesperson Madhav Prasad Bastola (Madhu) said that the meeting of the Congress Gandaki State Working Committee has demanded the cancellation of the increase in transport and land related taxes.

He said that even though his representatives in the government were sent to work according to the sentiments of the people, when they were presented in a concocted form with some individualistic thinking, there was an attempt to trample on the wishes and expectations of the people, so it was requested to revise the decisions that were against the sentiments of the people immediately.