National football team started training in Pokhara

Avatar Reporter
Jan 24, 2021

Pokhara, Jan 24 : Nepali national football team has started training at Pokhara Stadium. The players, who were in closed training for the World Cup 2022 qualifiers, arrived in Pokhara on Thursday.

Biraj Maharjan, a senior player of the Nepali team who participated in the training, said that he was happy to practice at the Pokhara ground.

Considering Pokhara as his second home ground, Biraj considers himself lucky to be able to practice on the natural ground. He said that he could have excelled if he had the opportunity to play with a foreign team. “Even in Pokhara, if we could play with a foreign team, it would be an opportunity to develop not only the level of the players but also the overall football,” he said.

Bal Gopal Maharjan, the head coach of the team, said that the ground in Pokhara was excellent and the team would be ready to play in a friendly or competitive match with a standard team on a natural ground. He said that the confidence of the players will increase when they are trained in different places with well-equipped infrastructure to keep the players mentally fit. He said that it would be better to play a friendly match in Pokhara.