NAC brought dead bodies of 18 Nepalese from Malaysia (Photos)

Avatar Reporter
Jan 23, 2021

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Kathmandu, Jan 23: Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) has repatriated the bodies of 18 Nepali nationals from Malaysia. The national flag-carrier brought the bodies from its wide-body A330 aircraft.

Photo: Roshan Sapkota (RSS)

It is shared that the 18 dead bodies and mortal remains of one Nepali were brought here today.
The plane bringing the bodies landed in Kathmandu today, bringing the bodies. NAC is bringing the bodies of the Nepalis as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Photo: Roshan Sapkota/RSS

“Since NAC is a national flag-carrier, it should not only focus on profit. It is equally responsible and committed to fulfilling social responsibility along with service and facilities to citizens,” NAC Co-Spokesman Sulekh Mishra said.

Photo: Roshan Sapkota/RSS

The bodies are of those Nepalis who had gone to Malaysia in course of foreign employment and died there due to various causes.

The NAC brought the dead bodies and the mortal remains in coordination with the Nepali Embassy in Malaysia. There are 37 more bodies of Nepalis remaining to be brought to Nepal, the NAC source said quoting the Nepali Embassy.

NAC has stated that necessary preparations are being made to repatriate the remaining bodies as well.
NAC has been operating regular flights to Kuala Lumpur via its narrow-body aircraft.

It is using the wide-body aircraft only for the purpose of bringing the dead bodies of Nepalis. The wide-body plane has the capacity of carrying18 coffins.