Murrah buffalo bulls to be used for crossbreeding on 100,000 buffaloes Reporter
Jun 04, 2023

Kathmandu: The 15 Murrah buffalo bulls to be given from the Government of India to the Government of Nepal would be used for crossbreeding through artificial insemination in as high as 100,000 buffaloes and to increase milk production.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development on Sunday said that there will be substantive growth in milk production through crossbreeding from artificial insemination on at least 100,000 buffaloes after the production of 150,000 dose of semen from 15 Murrah buffalo bulls in a year after three years.

During the recent India visit of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, a memorandum of understanding was signed to provide the Murrah buffalo bulls to Nepal.

The Ministry has made it clear that the Murrah buffalo bulls were sought from the Government of Nepal with India at different dates on the basis of Nepal-India Joint Agriculture Group meeting held in 2018.