Mosquito outbreak in terai region

Apr 17, 2021

Image: Pixabay

Sarlahi, April 17: With the onset of summer, the mosquito outbreak has increased in the Terai district including Sarlahi district headquarters Malangwa.

Mosquitoes are increasing due to untimely spraying of medicines by the Malangwa Municipality.

Sundar Shyam Yadav, a local of Malangwa, said that the possibility of people getting various diseases from mosquito bites is increasing as the municipality has not sprayed mosquito repellent in time.

Another local Rajesh Paswan said that all the 12 wards under Malangwa Municipality should work together for sanitation management and reduction of mosquitoes.

According to Vijay Sah, a local of Malangwa Municipality-2, the mosquitoes have not been affected by the medicated smoke sprayed by the municipality this year. Locals have demanded that the municipality buy effective medicine and spray it on time this year.