Minister confronted by enranged people over the delayed flight

Avatar Suraj Hazare Dahal
Sep 15, 2019

Minister Yogesh Bhattarai inside the plane in Nepalgunj airport and his facebook status regarding the status.

Culture, tourism and civil aviation minister, Yogesh Bhattrai was confronted by an enranged group of people at Nepalganj airport over the delay in Kathmandu bound flight. It has not been confirmed either those people were passengers or other group but the viral video that went on air yesterday evening in social media shows how VIP movement troubles the normal flight schedule in Nepal.  The viral video shows people questioning minister about the delay of flight. Just after questioning him outside the plane, they entered the plane and started down-pouring their questions. In the video a man says ” You are holding the plane for an hr, Where were you ? Were you busy in the entertainment ? ” Another question fires him “In which section of the constitution it is written that a minister can hold the plane ?”, “We do respect you as a minister but this sort of sytem was not seen even in the Panchayat system.”

Later on, after reaching Kathmandu, minister has clarified about the incident from his official facebook page. (see his statement in screenshot along with this news). His FB status reads ” After finishing the Dolphin fair in Dhangadi, I was suppose to bound for Kathmandu from Dhangadi airport. But as the program ended late, I requested Buddha air to take us from last flight of Nepalganj. In that situation the flight was delayed. I apologize all the passengers for the inconvenience caused.” Further in his status he says “After reaching the airport, 3-4 group of  people misbehaved with me saying, you have given us trouble by submitting signature against Paras Shah in the palace.”  The viral video also shows the poor security system in the airport. If the enraged people were not the passengers then how they had access to the plane ?  Nepal is not a  single country in South Asia where air passengers get trouble in their flight timing due to VIP movement.  In India,   union minister K J Alphons was confronted by an enraged woman passenger at the Imphal airport over the delay in  Kolkata-bound flight she was taking to rush to Patna to attend a funeral of her relative in 2017.

Minister Yogesh Bhattarai inside the plane in Nepalgunj airport and his facebook status regarding the situation.



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