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Subash Poudel Subash Poudel
Jul 07, 2020

A 19-year-old girl committed suicide in Chitwan by going live on Facebook. Similar incident had taken place in Dang few days ago.

A 23-year-old Alisa Gautam took her own life by hanging herself with a shawl in her room. She too had gone live on Facebook. The reason for the suicide is unknown yet.

First, committing suicide is bad in itself. Second, going live before doing so is not good for the teenagers or say for anyone. The message it passes to the social-media-users is terribly bad and may cause the increase in the number of suicides. We need to give attention to this as this kind of terrible events are happening back to back in our country.

Why all this is happening?

According to health experts above 1200 people have ended their own life during 74 days of lockdown. Economic burden, anxiety, stress and depression in people has heightened brought about by the lockdown due to the outbreak of a pandemic.

With such activities happening on a daily basis, we can assume where our society is heading towards.

Taking away your own life is not considered a good action.What makes anyone reach a point that they don’t find any reason to live?

The rate of suicide has rapidly increased after technology emerged as a much more prevalent aspect of society. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTokk and other social media-related apps has become a decent part of life, particularly for teenagers.

We experience so much of life today through our phone. We’re ‘on and off’  on these devices literally hundreds of times a day. It has become the platform to express ourselves, how we feel. From learning anything good to discovering bad do’s, we use the internet and mobile phones. We are so emotionally connected with our phones.

While these tools were created to ease the life, circulate positive ideas, unfortunately, they are being misused by teenagers.

The purpose of social media is to bring people together, but it has become a reason for people to feel completely alone.

Everyone has to suffer and go through the tough phase in their life but the raw sense of teenagers can’t figure out the issues they are having and end up doing something that harms them and their family.

Sometimes kids don’t even know that they are suffering from depression since there is a lack of clarification in our society. Even if they do, they don’t have the courage to tell that they are passing through mental sickness.

No one in our society tells us that they are visiting a psychiatrist. They completely hesitate to tell with the fear of getting a tag of ‘Pagal’. This trend needs to be eliminated as the mental sickness is just as the physical and it should be considered normal.

The best thing to do is a part of this society is to talk to kids in a friendly manner about how they are feeling and notice signs of depression and self-harm.

It cannot be prevented unless we understand the value of this precious life.