Men arrested in Pokhara for duping defendant of rape case by demanding Rs 10 million

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Mar 06, 2021
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Pokhra, March 6 :  Kaski police have arrested two people for duping the defendant of rape case by demanding Rs 10 million.

They have been arrested on the charge of swindling Rs. 1.2 million in cheque and Rs. 1,10000 in cash by saying that they have connection with court, judges and police.

The arrestees are Suryalal Khadka, 58, of Malepatan, Pokhara-5 and Kaman Bahadur Tamang, 39, of Gangajamuna Rural Municiplaity -1, Dhading.

Police have recovered two cheques of Rs 6 lakh each of  Kamana Seva Bikas Bank, vouchers of various banks and  four mobile phones from them.