Market area of Beni bazar at high risk of landslide Reporter
Aug 08, 2022

Myagdi: The campus chowk area in Beni Bazaar, the headquarter of Myagdi, is at high risk of landslides.

Campschowk, Ganeshtol, Peepalchowk and Kalipul in Beni Municipality 8 are at risk after landslides started in Pakho in Khareni and Khoria above the market.

Narayan Sharma of Khoria said that there is a risk of flooding in the market area at the foot of the landslide. According to him, the landslide that started about 2 years ago has not stopped in the area which is on the border of Ward No. 6 and 8 of Beni Municipality.

About 300 houses are at risk of landslides and floods. There are 2 landslide areas in Pakho, about 800 meters above Campschowk. The area is spread over an area of ​​about 500 meters in length and 500 meters in width.

Landslides have started falling in this area for about 2 years. Last year in July, a large area of ​​the Pakho area has been damaged by a larger landslide than before,” he said. “This landslide has also put 4 tolls and the Myagdi Multipurpose Campus at risk.”

Due to landslides, even during normal rains, flooding has started in Campuz Chowk and Kalipul areas. For about 12 years, there is a problem of inundation in Camps Chowk due to floods coming from Pakho during the rainy season.

According to Hira Bahadur Pun, ward member of Ward No. 8, last year, water and floods were managed by building a canal from the foot of the landslide to Kalipul’s motorable bridge via Campuschowk.