Maoist lays claim to Gandaki CM seat as UML likely to get break up Reporter
Mar 21, 2023

Pokhara: The political balance changed by the presidential election has also affected the  political power in Gandaki Province.

It is almost certain that the Maoists will leave the coalition government led by UML parliamentary party leader Khagraj Adhikari.

According to the sources, the Maoists have prepared to withdraw their support after leaving executive power from cabinet on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Maoist leader Hari Bahadur Chuman has claimed that government in Gandaki should be formed in his leadership.

Chuman, who is in Kathmandu to meet the top leader, claimed that Maoists should get leadership in Gandaki.

Gandaki now has a government according to article 168 sub-section (2) of the constitution. When this government falls, a government will be formed as per clause (3).

According to sub-section (2), if the government consisting of two or more parties does not receive a vote of confidence, the leader of the parliamentary party of the largest political party present in the parliament will get leadership.

But the vote of confidence should be taken according to sub-section (2) of Article 188.

In the said sub-section, it is mentioned that if the party represented by the Chief Minister splits or if the party that supported the government withdraws its support, a petition for a vote of confidence must be filed before the Provincial Assembly within 30 days.

Nepali Congress is the largest party in Gandaki with 27 seats. Thirty one seats are needed to form a government in the 60-member provincial assembly. Congress and Maoists with 8 seats will have 35 seats in power.

Rajiv Gurung aka Deepak Manange, who joined the United Socialist Party, can also claim the post of Minister, as the United Socialist Party is also in the new power equation. If he joins, the power will reach 36 seats.