Madhesi people’s big dream has been fulfilled: Chief Minister Raut

Jan 18, 2022

Janakpur: Chief Minister of the Madhes Province, Lal Babu Raut has said a big dream of the Madhesi people has been realized with the naming of the Province no 2 as the Madhes Province.

Chief Minister Raut said this while talking to Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) in brief on Monday after the Provincial Assembly decided on the province’s name and the capital.

He said the great dream of the Madhesi people has been fulfilled with the name and the capital of the province being passed by more than two-thirds support in the Province Assembly.

“The Madhes movement has been respected with the name of Madhes Province. The Madhes Province has been established in keeping with the spirit of the Madhes movement and the aspiration of the Mashesi people. This is a matter of pride for all of us,” the Chief Minister said, adding that this is also a respect to the martyrs.

Stating the declaration of the Madhes Province represented the identity, he said this provided the energy to move ahead for the liberation of the oppressed classes and communities.

He thanked all the Province Assembly legislators, the Province Assembly Secretariat employees and others who extended support for the establishment of the Madhes Province. Chief Minister Raut also congratulated and extended best wishes to all the Province people and countrymen on this occasion.

Province no 2 got its name as Madhes Province and Janakpurdham as its capital four years after the formation of the Provincial government.