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Love and murder: ‘Your crown prince will die a dog death.’

Avatar Suraj Hazare Dahal
Jun 01, 2020

Pokhara, June 1: Exactly 19 years ago, on the Friday TGIF party night in Narayanhiti palace, crown prince Dipendra Shah opened the fire and killed 9 members of his family before shooting himself. Even today, most Nepalese don’t believe that Dipendra was murderer by raising emotional questions: ‘How can a son kill his own mother ?’ and Why not a single member of former king Gyanendra was killed in that mass shooting ?’.

Well public were not the eyewitness of that  ‘blue blood’ murder. The memoir book ‘Maile Dekheko Durbar’ written by former Military Secretary to King Birendra; Bibek Kumar Shah carries the childhood memories of Dipendra which proves he was not given love and care by his family. Here is the translated excerpt from the same book.

Dipendra was looked by the nannies but not by her mother Aishwarya as she was busy with her King to protect the party less Panchayat system. He was deprived from parental love and used to spend time with armies. He used to involve in gang fight when he used to study in Budhanikantha school. His opponents were students from Siddhartha Bansathali school. As he was the gang captain, his team used to chase them in field and fight with them. He used to jump over the wall and disappear from the palace. The memoir of Shah further tells how stubborn was the crown prince. He used to beat people until they cry and punch them again.

He started smoking and drinking when he was studying in class 7. He used to manage money from external source by borrowing as money given by the palace was not sufficient for him.

In his teenage, he fell in love with Supriya Shah. His mother was always a barrier in his love. He rejected Supriya Shah saying she ties family relation with her mother-in-law, Ratna Shah. She even said that Supriya is not competent to become queen. Dipendra used to say ‘What does she (mother) think of herself ? What was she before the marriage ?’. It was satire as Aishwarya was a commoner before marrying king Birendra. Once he told this writer-‘ Bibek, I don’t know, what the love is, I never got it.’
Aishwarya was in favour of Garima Shah.

After going to UK, he fell in love with another girl, Devyani in Eton college. Again his mother rejected her as royal family was strictly against the nuptial relation with the girl whose mother is Indian. The royal family was in fear that through her, India may interfere in Nepalese politics. He was in affair with 2 girls at the same time. Until his suicide, he was in love with Devyani as they were in contact via mobile phone on that dreadful night.

He was also in an affair with Japanese girl. She used to have frequent visits with him in Nepal as they fell in love while studying in Eton college. They had some quarrel in Nepal and his ADC, Gajendra Bohora went to the airport to drop her. Before leaving she said to Gajendra ‘You crown prince is mad, he will die a dog death.’  Once he told the writer-‘ Bibek, I don’t know, what the love is, I never got it.
Translated excerpt  from the book ‘Maile Dekheko Durbar’ by Bibek Kumar Shah.