Liberty of mind in pandemic Reporter
Sep 18, 2020

Image: Pixabay

Sanjita Parajuli: Today, humans are supposed to be intricate in the cycle of wheel locked and assimilated with shackle, chasing the dreams without the break from hustle and bustle of the life. Regardless of race, religion, creeds and boundaries, life of mortals has become a shadow hunted by chaos as the pandemic has brought functional changes to our lives.

Everyone is creating their own subjective experiences during this time of lockdown and isolation. For many, daily routine has been greatly affected and productive minds are being idle resulting in the unhealthy mentality and frustrations. As the pandemic is still enduring, full effect of this harsh reality is yet to be realized. Effects in social and economic aspects are easy to see and understand, but the mental effect is hard to realize and its consequences could be the worst of all.

Let’s mind our own mind during this pandemic, as these are the dark days for many of us.

By nature, humans don’t want anyone’s pressure, hate, ego and jealousy. Needs and desire of humans are unlimited; as we have been going through this cycle since the day we were born. But for the last few months, people are in isolation and might have changed their perception regarding those terms.
Individuals are feeling lonely, depressed and frustrated during this lockdown as there is no other to be physically free.

Image: Pixabay

This corona virus outbreak has affected individuals all over the world both intrinsically and extrinsically. Negative news of the virus has collapsed the mind of the individual hence are suffering from depression with unhealthy mindset.

It has been several months since we have been living isolated life maintaining social distance and restricted in almost all basic areas. Though individuals are united to flatten the curve against corona virus yet failed to deal with mental illness.

At the end, it is a time to hug the spirituality to gain the peace of mind during this pandemic. Accepting the situation rather than fighting can help a lot to cope up with the unpleasant condition. Besides, being aware of real and beautiful inner world gives strength to think in a right way. Prayers, yoga and meditation have widely gained popularity in fighting depression.

Strong sense of belongingness to the nature and dropping all the worries to the creator grows the sense of wellbeing. Though ideology may be hard to accept but regardless of religion and beliefs, individual can learn to trust themselves. Let’s mind our own mind during this pandemic, as these are the dark days for many of us. Saving our mind from self-destruction and negative thoughts will give us freedom from unwanted thoughts and fear.

The first step to overcome the social, economic and mental effect of the pandemic is to nurture our mind with positive thoughts and super strong willpower. We can’t control the nature and its deeds for our advantage but keeping our mind in control can help us to cope with the changes that nature has to offer.

Sanjita Parajuli has experience in several NGOs and  holds master’s  degree in Business Studies (MBS).