Kapoorkot rural municipality launches ‘agriculture mobile apps’

eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jan 30, 2019
mobile apps

Kapoorkot rural municipality has initiated an ‘agriculture mobile apps’.

The service has been brought in to operation to inform farmers about weather and technology.

Manager at Upasarga Technology Yubaraj Acharya informed that the farmers can use the apps by easily downloading it in their smart phone.

“Once downloaded the farmers do not need internet to use it”, Acharya said, adding that the farmers out of internet access can also obtain information from home.

Named as ‘Krishi Kapoorkot’, the farmers can communicate with the agro experts through the apps, shared Chief Administrative Officer of the rural municipality, Subas Rijal.

The apps has contained information on agro technology, experts advise and chat service, agriculture news, market value, weather forecast, agro training, agro documents, relevant phone numbers and experts details.