Jailbirds of Syangja Prison at high risk of corona infection

eAdarsha.com Reporter
May 15, 2021

Bijay Nepal, Syangja, May 15: During the Corona epidemic, it has been difficult to protect the inmates at overcrowded Syangja jail from infection. Chief of the prison Chudamani Bhandari said that necessary precaution has been taken saying that the infection could spread if anyone gets infected.

Prison authorities have barred entry of visitors to meet the prisoners lodged in the jail. There are about 150 inmates in two dilapidated buildings of Putalikhet Prison at Putali Bazaar. Of them, 148 male prisoners are kept in the jail having capacity of only 35 jailbirds  and 15 female prisoners are kept in the jail with the capacity of 10.

The prison established in 1980 AD has old physical infrastructure. The jail is hit hard with lack of drinking water and toilets.

Prison chief Bhandari says that the budget has not been received even though the federal and state governments have been requested to release the budget for the reconstruction.