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Into the wild in Pokhara

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Jul 09, 2019

Pokhara is popularly known for the natural beauties such as majestic view of himalayas, caves and seven lakes. Adding one more identity, Pokhara zoological park has been established on the outskirt of the valley. Earlier people used to visit central zoo of Kathmandu or national parks such as Chitwan, Bardiya and Shuklaphat to see wild animals.

The zoological park located between Begnas and Rupa lake is a splendid enclosure in green forest housing a wide variety of wild animals and birds. One can see animals such as wild cat, blue cow, barking deer, spotted deer, fox and birds such as owl, white vulture and eagles.

This zoological parks covers an area of 1.34 square kilometer forest land of Pachvaiya, Chainpur and Chayapani-Chisakuna community forest. With an initiative to establish the park, Pokhara United Club host Pokhara fair every year. Out of the total profit from the fair, 20% amount is allocated for the park. According to the manger of the park, Binay Adhikari there are more than 50 animals and birds of 19 species. Currently there are 14 barking deer, 1 blue cow, 1 spotted deer, 1 fox, 4 civets, 1 python, 2 wild cats, 2 owls, 2 eagles, 2 white vultures and a tortoise. Most of the animals in the parks are protected after rescuing them. After the treatment they are released in their own natural habitat but those who are in risk of prey are kept in the enclosure. Some animals have been brought from Rupandehi and Rautahat districts.


The constructions of foot track and pipeline has been completed. Enclosures for deer, bear and monkey are under construction. The biggest enclosure will be for deer with an area of 14 ropanis.

Currently the park does not charge any amount  but accepts the donation from the visitors. After a week the park will charge RS 50 per visitor and will wave 50% for the student with valid identity card. In the budget of the fiscal year, Gandaki state has allocated the sum of RS 50 million for the rescue center and the expansion of the park. The park is located 3.5km east of Begnas lake bus station.