International Drama Festival in Janakpur to open from March 2

Feb 25, 2019
Janaki Mandir

The Janakpur Literature – Art and International Drama Festival-2075 is going to be held in Janakpurdham from March 2 this year.  The weeklong event is going to be organized by Maithili Bikash Kosh where dramas and art activities from Nepal and various foreign countries including India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will be staged.

Organizing a press conference here today, Kosh’s President Jivanath Chaudhary shared that during the events, Mithila paintings will be out on display as well as bamboo crafts.
Discussions on various themes such as ‘Cultural Identity and Mithila’, ‘Challenges in Preserving Maithili Art and Literature’, ‘Prospects of Maithili films’, ‘Teaching Learning Activities in Maithili language’.

Poetry recitation will be held in the event that will last through March 7.