I will work understanding the people’s psychology: Bharatpur Mayor Dahal

May 24, 2022

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Bharatpur: Newly elected mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Renu Dahal, has said that she would carry out activities understanding the psychology of the people. She was also elected as the mayor of Bharatpur Metropolis in 2017.

Saying this is her last tenure in local-level, Dahal shared that she would focus on completing the incomplete activities of the metropolis.

She opined, “It is very exhilarating to win in this metropolitan city. I will work understanding the sentiments of the people. Local-level government is not the place for politics. It is for carrying out development activities. I will involve towards it. ”

Dahal further said that the five-party alliance would exist for long as it has been formed for peace and progress.
She reiterated that she would carry out activities for next five years as per the commitment made before the election. The newly elected mayor mentioned, “I will pay special attention to complete the remaining plans and projects of the metropolitan city within this tenure.”

Stating that unemployment has become a big problem in Bharatpur, she shared that she would pay special attention to resolve the problem.

Dahal expressed happiness over the Bharatpur people approving of her works and said that emphasis would be given on education, health, infrastructure development and garbage and sewerage management.

“Although there was challenge in the alliance, I won the election due to the honesty of alliance member parties. Now, we will move ahead to fulfill the responsibility given by the voters,” she opined.