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Grade 12 exams begin satisfactorily

Nov 24, 2020

Photo: Ratna Shrestha/RSS

Kathmandu, Nov.24: Minister for Education, Science and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel has said that the Grade 12 board examinations that began today were satisfactory and orderly.

Minister Pokharel, who visited the examination centre at the Biswa Niketan Secondary School in Tripureswar today, said he was satisfied over efficient management of the examinations.

Grade 12 board examinations are being held for a total of 40 marks, with students allowed to join the examination centre of their convenience in case the set examination centre are not currently accessible.

This year the same school of the students were designated as the examination centre.

Health protocol was followed for the examinees attending the exams. A separate arrangement is being made for students infected with COVID-19.

The examinations earlier scheduled to begin on April 20 had been postponed due to the outbreak of Corona Virus. In addition to the 40 marks from the in-person exams 20 marks would be accounted on the basis of practical classes and 40 from Grade 11 results, to make it 100 marks in total.

Question papers for the examinations were sent online.