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Govt. sent Nepal airlines plane to China to bring kits for Corona virus

Avatar eAdarsha.com Reporter
Mar 28, 2020

Kathmandu, March 28:  Government has send  Nepal Airlines wide body aircraft (A330)  to China to bring the medical stuffs for treatment of Corona virus. The plane is expected to land in Kathmandu past midnight. The Ministry of Health and Population has said test kit for the coronavirus, its medicines, laboratory materials and personal protective equipment (PPE) are being imported through joint dialogue between producers and distributors. In a press statement today, Ministry’s Spokesperson Dr Bikash Devkota shared that the Department of Health Service is procuring those materials from China through the fast-track process after the joint talks with the producers and distributors.

Re-tender was issued as no firm submitted its interest for the procurement despite repeated tender notices in public. Spokesperson Dr Devkota has also expressed reservation to some media reports over the imports of health materials, while terming them illusionary and fabricated. The Ministry has also urged the media and all stakeholders to disseminate news only by being factual, adding that the procurement process was forwarded based on existing laws in a fast, swift and competitive manner in such an adverse situation. Dr Devkota has also requested to the media to disseminate only true and correct news to inform the people and keep high morale of doctors, health workers and officials.